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Study in - Sweden

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Study  in Sweden

Sweden is a North European country that borders with Norway and Finland. Sweden has a developed economy with its per capita income being eight highest in the world. Sweden is known for the best innovative and research based studies. Sweden is the home country of many of the leading companies of the world .There is more that Sweden can offer be it the scenic outdoor locations, cultural rezenduous or lip smacking delicacies.


  • Capital: Stockholm
  • population: 9.517 million
  • GDP: $525.7 billion
  • Number of Universities: 51
  • Currency: Swedish krona (SEK)
  • Official Languages: Swedish


  • Courses with cutting edge technology and high end research
  • High visa success rate
  • Scholarship opportunity up to 100%
  • IELTS/TOEFL not required for Engineers
  • Beautiful cities, efficient public transportation, peaceful country , with minimum pollution
  • Industry centric courses to give students practical experience and skill independence to make them competitive.
  • Rigorous quality control on all courses taught, in every six years.
  • Most universities fully subsidize tuition costs for students, regardless of their nationality , making education quite affordable
  • Sizeable number of courses offered in English so foreign language should not be a barrier for international students.
  • Excellent International study environment with all programs taught in English
  • One of the most technically strong countries in terms of inventions
  • Swedish universities comes in the list of world’s top 100 universities
  • One of the strongest economies in the world
  • Birthplace of many successful innovative companies
  • 83% English speaking country
  • Dependent can accompany along with students and dependent above18 Years can work full time
  • Sweden is the only country allowed Students to work full time


  • There are over 50 institutions offering higher education in Sweden.
  • Degrees are generally offered at three levels: bachelors, masters and doctoral.
  • Greater autonomy is given to Institutions to structure courses and programmes according to their own needs, using a credit system, allowing students to have say in their learning and education.
  • Masters programmes are offered in close collaborate with local industry and institutions are obliged to interact with the local community while specialising in specific subject areas.


  • Unlimited work rights for students while studying(Dependents can join)
  • Stay back 1 Year


  • January/August

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